Hey there! Thank you for coming to my site.

I am a musician and music producer. I used to record bands (mostly metal) but now I mainly work on my own music and work on various projects here and there with friends.
I am currently looking for singers for my two projects Angry Planets and Arm The Prey.
If you’re interested in trying out for those two projects, check out the music below and get in touch using my contact form. Just click “Contact Me” up top or scroll to the bottom of my page.
Happy Listening!

Original Music

Arm The Prey – An Idiot’s Reckoning (Heavy and melodic – Demo)
Arm The Prey – Seeds of Hope (Heavy and melodic – Demo)
Ruby’s Song (Electronic/Orchestral – Work in progress)
DillShuggah (Short aggressive song I made for fun.)
Dead To Me (Exploring synthesis and drum programming – Work in progress)

Artists I’ve Recorded /
Played With

I was in this band and played drums on this EP.

I was in this band and was one of two guitarists on this EP.

I was hired to play drums on this song with one day of preparation.

I loved playing drums on a special song that my early mentor wrote.

Video Projects I’ve Been Involved With

I wrote and played guitar and bass to the second and third songs in this video and mixed the whole video.
I played bass on this Acacia Strain cover and also mixed/mastered it.
I did the video, lighting, and audio production (mixing and drum recording).

Contact Me

I love hearing feedback for better or for worse from people so please use this form to
let me know what you think of anything you’ve heard or seen here.

Also, if you’re a singer and want to try putting vocals to any of my original music that doesn’t already have vocals,
please get in touch using this form and lets set something up.
I desperately want an awesome singer to get involved with these songs.

Thank you for being awesome!

e.g. Luke Skywalker